Summer in Paris . . .

September 27, 2017
by Rachel Bamberger '18

The French exchange takes place in Rueil-Malmaison, 10 miles west of Paris. For ten days in April, students from Centre Madeleine Danielou, an all-girls private school, come and stay with Madeira day-student families. They attend classes and visit sights during the day, and spend the evenings and weekends with their host families. In the summer, Madeira students travel for ten days and follow a similar schedule, visiting Parisian sites during the day and staying with their host families in the evenings and on weekends. 

Rachel Bamberger '18 traveled to France this summer; here’s what she had to say about her experience: 

“Going on the Madeira French exchange trip has been one of the most rewarding and educational experiences I could have ever hoped to have abroad in high school. Some of my favorite memories include: eating at traditional French restaurants, touring a French university known as the Sorbonne and hiking up the stairs to the top of the Sacré Coeur. 

In addition to exploring the streets of Paris with Madame Ding, Eliza Dubee '18 and Anaily Acosta '20, staying with a host family provided me with the opportunity to experience first-hand French culture and way of life. Speaking only in French challenged me to not just speak like the French but to think like the French, and ultimately helped me improve my listening and speaking skills, both of which I will need in the upcoming year for AP French. Furthermore, aside from spending time together during meals and on the weekends, I also got the opportunity to visit and sit in on classes at the Centre Madeline Danielou, the all-girls school in France that Madeira partners with in the exchange. 

The French exchange further fueled my interest in French politics and provided a refreshing and intellectually stimulating experience that challenged me to view the world from a different perspective. Lastly, the French exchange resulted in closer relationships with my fellow schoolmates and teacher and I can honestly say there’s no one else I would want to share a chocolate mousse with or explore the streets of Paris.”

For more information on Madeira’s Global Travel and Exchange Programs visit: www.madeira.org/global