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Rafting on the Urubama River

May 28, 2014
by Kelleen Moriarty '15

Today, we went on a rafting adventure on the Urubama River. We took an hour car ride to get to the river, accompanied by our Scottish guide Dougie. When we got to the river, we donned full-body wet suits, wind jackets, water shoes, and life vests. We each had our own raft-kayak hybrid except Danielle and me who braved the water together in one raft-kayak. We had four guides who instructed us and laughed with us down the river: Dougie, Henry, Juan Carlos, and Cesar. We floated for about eight miles, with one class two rapid per mile. Halfway through we stopped for a snack of granadilla and chocolate and got to know each other a little better. After this, we re-suited ourselves and went back in the water. Now, it is winter time in Peru so this water was rather freezing. The instructors decided it would be fun to foster competitive spirit as we floated, splashing and racing. As a result of this spirit and some serious dedication, by the end of the journey Danielle had been thrown into the ice water twice and me, once. The cold feeling didn’t leave either of our bodies for hours. Dry clothes and a feast of sandwiches greeted us at the finish line. On the drive back, Sunni and Dougie were telling us all about the cultures of the different towns, pointing out each interesting landmark we saw. We learned that, in this part of Peru, each town has a specialty; Pisac produces the corn for the neighboring towns and we drove through the town that makes the roof tiles. We also saw beautiful and plentiful fields of quinoa and corn and followed the river as far as we could. While we were having our freezing adventure, Ingrid and Ms. Morgan went to the salt mines where they learned about how salt is cultivated and harvested. We all came back to the inn for a relaxing night wandering the market and sharing anecdotes over dinner.