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Making Progress at Internships

June 2, 2014
by Kelleen Moriarty '15

Today was a long day at our internships. Virginia, Ingrid, and I spent the first few hours creating a personalized business card for Lucia, one of the Amaru women, to use as an example for our next project. Then, accompanied by Roman, we headed up the mountain to the cultural center. We were met with smiles, warm hugs, and a coca leaf ceremony. We then each went off with a woman to collect natural leaves, flowers, herbs, and moss to dye the yarn that the women use to make their textiles. When we reconvened, we helped the women with the dyeing process which included boiling the yarn with the plants for approximately 30 minutes. We helped to make beautiful blue, purple, red, and yellow yarn. We then joined in a traditional lunch of fava beans, corn, potatoes, and soup with the community. We took many pictures - some for the brochure and some simply to capture the incredible and beautiful experience. We also interviewed the women on their favorite patterns in order to make them each personalized business cards. Full and content, we headed back down the mountain for rest and relaxation before dinner. Today was also a big day for the girls at the school! It was their first day doing computer training for the teachers. They taught Spanish Microsoft Word to members of the administration staff. For the first half of the time, they had a translator while during the second Marina "excelled" on her own. Danielle had gone to help in the classrooms, where she was much needed. They joined in on our relaxation in the afternoon and we enjoyed a restful night with yummy dinner and many laughs.