June 7: Farewell Peru!

June 9, 2014
by Kelleen Moriarty '15

Today was our last full day in Peru. We all got the chance to sleep in after the excitement of Machu Picchu yesterday. The whole day was dedicated to the creation of a presentation which would be presented to all of our Peruvian supervisors and friends. We split up into groups then met for a much needed lunch break before we got back to work! We worked throughout the day creating one powerpoint and script. When five o'clock quickly came upon us, there was much scrambling as we all put the last Spanish touches on the script and made ourselves look our very best. We all completed a very successful presentation, recapitulating all the hard work we accomplished over the last two weeks, with some Spanish interspersed. Ingrid "straight killled" her Spanish while the rest of us struggled along a bit, though all attempts were much appreciated. After many hugs, thank you's, and tears, we sat down for a traditional celebratory meal with all of our Peruvian and Amaru friends. After dinner, we were surprised with a demonstration of traditional dances by the town musicians, and Sunni and his friends. At the end, we were pulled in, invited to dance in four different dances. It was an incredibly fun night of celebration, thank you, and farewell.