June 6: Machu Picchu at Last!

June 6, 2014
by Ingrid Braun '15

Today we hiked to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We began the day eating breakfast and then taking a bus to the peak. The bus ride was pretty scary (no guard rails and a one-way street with two big buses trying to fit through.) After 20 minutes on the bus we made it to the peak where we were surprised to be unable to see any of the ruins. Roman led us through the ticket check and had us stamp our passports! After about five more minutes of walking the ruins emerged. We were all in complete awe at the natural beauty of the mountains and the greenery. Roman then guided us around the ruins and explained the different parts and their significance. We then climbed, I mean hiked, for what seemed like hours and thousands of steps to our picnic site. It was perfect. No tourists. (Luckily there were few tourists throughout the day.) After eating our picnic we just hung out, talked, and enjoyed the scenery. We then decided to continue the trek up to the Inca Bridge, about a 15 minute hike each way. After exploring on our own for a little bit, Marina and I became rather lost, we were ready to go. We gathered our sun burnt selves, bought $8 Coca-Cola's, became reunited with our backpacks and began the journey back "home" to Pisac Inn. After a two hour train ride through the country and an hour and a half bus ride to Pisac we were greeted by a much needed dinner.