June 5: Final Day at Kusi Kawsay

June 5, 2014
by Danielle Schwartz '16

Marina, Ingrid, Virginia, Kelleen, and I went up to the school for the last time. Marina focused on setting up Dropbox on all school computers and teaching the administrators how to get and save documents to and from Dropbox then Carlos helped Marina translate Dropbox into Spanish. Ingrid, Virginia, and Kelleen perfected the inventory by organizing the supply closets and adding it to Microsoft Excel. Kelleen and I helped Joel with snack while entertaining Betsabeth, Lucia’s adorable daughter. I continued organizing the library and entering the books into Microsoft Excel. I finished literatura (literature), literatura de mundo (literature around the world), musica (music), and historia (history). I tried to organize the rest of the books as best as possible and made sure the Microsoft Excel sheet was simple enough that anyone could finish it. Our day ended with hugs and tears. :(

We went back to the inn to prepare for our trip to MACHU PICHU! We were joined by Roman as we drove to Ollantaytambo and spent an hour exploring the town...getting the "world´s best coffee." Then we got to the most exciting part THE TRAIN!!!  We arrived at Machu Pichu and went for a late dinner at a French Peruvian restaurant before heading off to bed.