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June 3: The Terraces

June 3, 2014
by Virginia Zhang '15

After everyone worked hard to organize the library and inventory at Kusi Kawsay, we spent the afternoon with Roman on the great terrace next to Pisac we would always drive past to get to the Cultural Center. Como se dice “understatement”? There's no way to explain the magnificence of these terraces! It feels like you can fly down when you stand and hike to the top. There were ancient baths, burial caves, and stargazing complexes, since he people who built them were spiritual about rebirth as well as scientific. Each level was up to three times my height, and most of the narrow paths had no railings.

There are Kusi Kawsay students who live in the communities on these mountains and hike up and down every day for school. Like the stones of the sun calendar ruin above Cusco, the stones of the terraces are also diverse but fit together perfectly, and show the importance of unity to the ancient people. This ruin is equally brilliant and showing of the scientific and spiritual history of the people. We're all so grateful to have walked on such an amazing ruin, as Roman said, which can be easily compared to even Machu Picchu!