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Language Clubs

Welcome ~ Bienvenido ~ Salvete ~ Bienvenu

The World Languages Department cultivates a club for each of the four languages taught at Madeira. Run by students and advised by faculty sponsors, language clubs host events and activities throughout the academic year. These events give students numerous opportunities to participate outside the classroom in the culture and history associated with each language. 

Language clubs are open to all members of the Madeira community.

Chinese Club

Sample Activities 

  • International Week: cultural activities, cooking, international music
  • Chinese Dinner at Home
  • Dumpling Bake Sale: proceeds to migrant workers’ children in China
  • Chinese Culture Fair
  • Movie Night: for entire Madeira community
  • Chinese New Year

French Club

Sample Activities

  • Movie Night: Les Triplettes de Belleville (September)
  • Carnaval (February)
  • Joint activity with Spanish Club Film Les femmes du 6ème étage /La mujeres del sexto piso/ The Women on the Sixth Floor (April) 

Latin Club

Sample Activities  

  • Hosting/Touring with Italian Exchange Students 
  • Classical Cottage Certamen 
  • Latin Garden 
  • Virginia Junior Classical League Convention, Richmond, VA 
  • Latin Caroling at Winterfest Celebration 
  • Panem et Circenses: The Eagle -Beeches #4 
  • Saturnalia Party- cake and cocoa by the fire 
  • Community Service Project: snow-shoveling for the elderly/disabled (snow days at 1pm -winter/ongoing)
  • Panem et Circenses: Emperor’s Club -Beeches #4 

Spanish Club

Sample Activities 

  • Baking with the Spanish exchange students (September)
  • All days Saints (Todos los santos – all the rest of Spanish speaking countries) (November)
  • Día de los muertos (México): Altar in honor of Ms. Madeira (November)
  • Three Kings Day - Rosca de Reyes (January)
  • Carnavales - Mardi Gras (February) 
  • Joint activity French and Spanish Club: Film Les femmes du 6ème étage /La mujeres del sexto piso/ The Women on the Sixth Floor (April)