English Department

The four required years of English instruction constitute a cumulative program that immerses students in the diversity of literature in English and encourages them to make connections across the curriculum. All students study Shakespeare and benefit from field trips to the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C.

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Donavan Arizmendi, Ph.D.

English Teacher

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Dr. Arizmendi worked at Madeira from 2003 to 2006. She returned in 2008 and is a Master Teacher in the English Department. Dr. Arizmendi holds a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Loyola College and a doctorate in Comparative Literature from Cornell University. Prior to teaching at Madeira, she taught interdisciplinary courses as a Fellow in the Humanities at Stanford University from 1999 to 2002. Currently, her favorite authors to teach are Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Aldous Huxley, and John Keats. She also enjoys exploring modernism in literature and the arts in her interdisciplinary course "Expatriates in Paris." Dr. Arizmendi is the recipient of the Deborah Loeb Brice Endowed Chair.

M.A. Mahoney

Dean of Faculty and Academics

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Ms. Mahoney began teaching at Madeira in 1993 and is a Master Teacher in the English Department. She earned a bachelor's degree in English from Goucher College and a master's degree in English from George Mason University. In her role as Dean of Faculty and Academic, Ms. Mahoney has the privilege of working with Madeira faculty, students, and parents.

Keith Ward, Ph.D.

English Department Chair

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Dr. Ward began teaching at Madeira in 2003 and is a Master Teacher in the English Department. He earned a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of California-Irvine, a master's degree in English from The Ohio State University, and a PhD in English Literature from The George Washington University.

Jillian Meyer

English Teacher

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Jillian Meyer joined Madeira’s faculty as an English teacher and the community as campus resident in 2015. Ms. Meyer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Mason University and a M.F.A from Hollins University. Prior to coming to Madeira, she worked at Oldfields School in Maryland. 

Sheila McGrory

English Teacher

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Sheila McGrory joined the English Department in 2017. Previously she taught at Phillips Andover, the University of Vermont, Middlebury College, and Rice Memorial High School. She has also worked as a professional writer and editor in the nonprofit world, and she’s excited to bring her passion for writing to the Madeira classroom. She holds a BA in English from Wake Forest University and an MA in English from the College of William and Mary.

Taryn Alston

English Teacher

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Taryn Alston began teaching at Madeira in the fall of 2020. She earned Bachelor’s degrees in English and Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017 and a Master’s degree in Secondary English Education from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020. Ms. Alston has graduate-level experience designing lessons that promote equitable learning in high school English classrooms and is delighted to offer that experience to Madeira’s English Department.

Chelsea Land

English Teacher

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