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Course Details

Prerequisite: B or better in Geometry and Algebra II courses

The main focus of Trigonometry is on nonlinear functions, right triangle properties, trigonometric functions, and algebra techniques. Students will gain an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Gain an understanding of trigonometry as a study of triangle and angle relationships using radians and/or degrees
  • Study trigonometric graphs
  • Study trigonometric functions and their applications
  • Solve trigonometric identities and equations
  • Study vectors and vector applications
  • Study vector and vector applications
  • Study polar coordinates and equations
  • Learn about parametric equations

Successful completion of this course for the Madeira student will count as two blocks of Trigonometry (Trigonometry I and Trigonometry II).

Download the Summer Trigonometry Syllabus

Required Materials

  • Students need a TI graphing calculator.

Final Reports

A final report of work and achievement in all courses is sent to parents/guardians and, if applicable, to the student’s school.  If non-Madeira students would like their school to receive a report, they must indicate this on the application form and provide the full mailing address.

Dates & Fees

Program hours are 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Grades Dates Fees Instructor
Rising 9-12 June 26 - August 4 $1350 Mr. Hernandez