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Course Details

Prerequisite: B or better in an Algebra I course

Students learn to identify angle relationships, scale, proportion, triangle congruence, and similarity, how perpendicular and parallel relationships unify and extend earlier concepts, and how to apply new knowledge to applications in circles, polygons, and right triangles. Students learn how to compute the area of plane figures and apply trigonometric skills to problem-solving in their work with a variety of 2-D shapes. Students will apply principles of algebra with continued practice and reinforcement throughout the year while also demonstrating increasing flexibility with coordinate geometry, building a strong foundation for success in higher mathematics. Successful completion of the course for the Madeira student leads to placement into Bridge to Algebra II. A student wishing to skip Bridge to Algebra II or be placed in Advanced Algebra II must take and score a sufficient grade on a placement exam.

Download the Summer Geometry Syllabus

Final Reports

A final report of work and achievement in all courses is sent to parents/guardians and, if applicable, to the student’s school.  If non-Madeira students would like their school to receive a report, they must indicate this on the application form and provide the full mailing address.

Dates & Fees

Program hours are 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Grades Dates Fees Instructor
Rising 8-11 June 26 - August 4 $1350 Mr. Hernandez