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Working at Summer at Madeira

We have completed hiring for Summer 2017. Check back later for Summer 2018 positions!

Camp GreenwayCamp Greenway Employment 

Camp Greenway is a six week day camp for boys and girls rising kindergarten through eighth grade. CIT positions are available.

More about working at Camp Greenway

Working at Girls First

GirlsFirst and GirlsFirst Junior Employment 

GirlsFirst programs offer both residential and day programs. Employment is for a total of three weeks. 

More about working at GirlsFirst

Summer Riding Workshop Employment 

Riding Workshop runs for five weeks and offers riding lessons for both elementary and middle school riders to both boys and girls.

More about working at Riding Workshop

Specialty Camp Employment

We offer a variety of week long specialty camps that allow children to delve further in to non-academic subjects. Work with our partners in helping campers in their activities. 

More about Specialty Camp offerings