Madeira Traditions

Madeira has developed a number of traditions that have stood the test of time.

Red and White Teams 
Since 1929, teams have competed for points during special days and competitions throughout the year.

The Oval 
Walking across the sacred space that is the Oval is forbidden, though it is permitted to meet in the middle of it, sit on it, and conduct classes on it.

Senior Bell 
There is a bell in Main that only seniors are allowed to ring.

100 Days 
Seniors process into the Chapel/Auditorium wearing white to mark the day when they are 100 days away from graduating.

Founder’s Day 
This celebration, which used to take place on Miss Madeira’s birthday (May 19), now takes place on a surprise date in spring. It always ends with strawberries and ice cream on The Oval.

13 Red Roses 
The 13 red roses carried by every Madeira graduate on Commencement Day symbolize the 13 original students who enrolled in Miss Madeira’s School in 1906.

Halloween Parade 
The Halloween Parade is a hilarious display of girls and teachers in costume. The tradition dates back to the early 1990s.

Thanksgiving Assembly 
Seniors share what they are thankful for at the All School Meeting prior to Thanksgiving Break. Former headmistress Dr. Elisabeth Griffith instituted the tradition.

This spring celebration is planned by the Junior class to honor the Senior class.

The Snail 
Madeira’s snail mascot dates back to 1968. Today, ‘Go, Go Escargots!’ is a favorite sidelines cheer.

The snail is Madeira's mascot!
Thirteen red roses at graduation
Holiday lighting on the Oval
Seniors wear white to celebrate 100 days
Senior Gallop on the Oval
Thanksgiving Dinner in the dining hall