Permission & Invitation Forms

The Dean of Students Office approves a student’s request to leave campus based on permissions that the parents or guardians have provided the Dean of Students Office through the permission form that parents completed in MyBackpack over the summer. Each girl must know and understand the permissions and restrictions that her parents have directed. Girls should read their permission forms with their parents and become familiar with the School’s regulations and restrictions.


To provide permission for an outing that was not covered in the permission form completed prior to the start of the school year, parents/guardians should utilize the Boarder Individual Permission form. Some outings require your permission each time, such as whenever your daughter has requested to use Uber or a taxi as her method of transportation. You will use this web form in these instances. How often you use this form will largely be dictated by how you completed the permission form in My Backpack over the summer.  For any category of outing in which you selected “Special Permission Required” you will need to send individual permission for each individual outing and utilize this form.  Please note that only parents or guardians may supply these permissions, and it is a violation of major school rule #7, Sign Out, for a student to use a parent/guardian email account to supply her own permission. If a student completes this form it is also a violation of this rule.

If a student needs to depart from or return to campus when the AOD desk is closed, she needs to meet with either the Dean of Students or Director of Residential Life to ask for permission to do so. This meeting should occur no later than 48 hours in advance of her arrival/departure.

The privilege of leaving campus may be withdrawn for academic or disciplinary reasons. Parents are asked to support the School’s efforts in these matters. Parents can also request that the privileges be revoked or changed at any time through email (aod@madeira.org) or directly over the phone.  Girls may review their permission cards from the Dean of Students Office upon request.


Should you wish to invite a student or students to your home, confirmation of the invitation must be received by the Dean of Students Office using the Boarder Invitation form. Host parents assume responsibility for their guest(s). Students are expected to be under the supervision of their host families when off campus. On all occasions when a student is invited off campus, the School expects that parents or designated approved adults will supervise activities. If you would like to invite a boarding student to your home utilize the web Boarder Invitation form found below which will supply the AOD with the name of the student(s) you are inviting, and the date/time you will be hosting them as well as how they will be getting to your home and back to campus.  All boarding student visits to the home of a day student require an invitation from the day family.

Boarder Individual Permission form

Boarder Invitation form