Facilities & Horses


Madeira’s riding facilities make it possible for girls to ride rain or shine, after school and during the day, depending on a girl’s academic schedule. Madeira has its own herd of school horses. Girls may also board a horse of their own for an additional fee. Facilities include:

  • a 30-stall courtyard stable
  • all stalls well ventilated with Dutch doors 
  • two outdoor riding rings  
  • one large indoor ring 
  • updated paddocks with two all-weather turn out spaces 
  • miles of scenic trails
  • space for boarded horses (non-students, $1,150/month; student boarders, $1,000/month)


At Madeira, we consider our horses to be an integral part of the community. Madeira girls form strong bonds with these beautiful animals. Care of the horses is top priority and a strong part of the curriculum. Students learn to prioritize the welfare of the horse and develop strong stable management skills in addition to empathy and compassion for their equine partners.