2017 Preseason Workouts

This summer, athletes attending Fall Varsity Tryouts (view schedule) are asked to prepare by committing to the following summer workouts specific to their team sport. 

Optional Preseason is from August 21-25 from 4:00-6:00 pm. 

The team workouts are a general strength program for each sport recognizing that there are varied levels of experience within each team group. Girls who are more advanced may reach out to Coach Dalakis and Coach Teach directly for increased workouts and information. 

Strength and conditioning is important for all athletes in the prevention of injury, performance enhancing, and lifelong skills. It is especially important for female athletes to focus on particular areas of weakness to address some common injuries that relate to the female body. Our programs are designed to help the girls in all aspects.

Below are strength and conditioning programs for each sport along with agility drills and metabolic set instructions.

***Sport specific technical workouts will come directly from coaches. 

Sport Specific Workouts

Workout Library

Click below to view video demonstrations for each exercise.