Revisit Day

Join us for a Revisit day on April 4, 2017!

Revisit Day is a day exclusively for accepted students. Although it’s not possible to fit everything that you and your family will love about Madeira into one day, you will glimpse many different amazing attributes of the school. Students will have the opportunity to experience a leadership program run by Girls First, learn about our award-winning Co-Curriculum program, attend a Madeira class with their future classmates, experience D-Block activities, and attend a fun ice cream social with their fellow future Snails. Students and parents have different schedules for the day.

Both students and parents have activities and schedules for the day! Please click or scroll to see the different schedules below. The day begins at 9:15am and ends at 4:30pm. 

Parent Revisit Day Schedule - April 4

Student Revisit Day Schedule - April 4