Through a variety of creative, collaborative, and practical activities, students are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making. STEAM courses include concepts and/or processes used in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. 

Available Courses


Class of 2020 & beyond:


Jeff Dayton

Director of Information and Innovation

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Jeff Dayton joined Madeira in 2000 as the network operations manager after a long career in the business world. He brings a wealth of technology experience, having worked in the field since 1982 beginning with mainframe computers at Tyndall Air Force Base. Mr. Dayton has also given a number of presentations and workshops at varying schools on technology use and social networking. As director of innovation and technology he continues his passion for learning and teaching as a member of the Student Life faculty. In addition to his work at Madeira, Mr. Dayton has worked with Campus Outreach Services, The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), Virginia Association of Independent Schools, and has begun work with the newly formed Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools. An avid tennis player, Mr. Dayton and his family live in Springfield Virginia. Mr. Dayton is also an 11th-grade advisor.

Sasha Newman

Arts Department Chair, Technical Director

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Ms. Newman began teaching at Madeira in 2010. She earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Scene Design from Boston University and a Master's degree in Art Education from the University of Florida. She currently teaches Technical Theater, Advanced Theater Production, and STEAM in addition to designing the Fall play and Winter musical.

Ashley Johnson, Ph.D.

Science Department Chair

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Dr. Johnson began teaching at Madeira in 2007 and is a Master Teacher in the Science Department. She earned a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University Florida and a doctorate in Chemistry from University of Texas.

Chandra Smith

Science Teacher

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Ms. Chandra Smith came to Madeira in 2013 with 12+ years developing and teaching curriculum. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with concentration in chemical engineering and chemistry from the University of Virginia. She has been published in several instructional books for math. Ms. Smith is an accomplished musician, playing the piano, clarinet, and tenor saxophone.

Lauren Roy

Educational Technology Specialist

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Lauren Roy joined Madeira in 2014 as an education technology specialist after working as the interactive technology director for a private K-8 school in South Florida. In her role, Ms. Roy advises faculty and staff how to incorporate technology into their classes and helps fuel innovative approaches in the classroom. In December 2013, she graduated with honors from Purdue University with a master's in Learning Design and Technology. She earned her undergraduate degree in communications from the University of West Florida. Ms. Roy is also the Dorm Director in New Dorm.

Stacy Tippens

Educational Technology Specialist

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Stacy Tippens joined Madeira in 2014 as an educational technology specialist. Mrs. Tippens started her career in educational technology in 1997 at a public high school in Omaha, Nebraska and has worked as an information technology specialist for several schools since then, and the Smithsonian Institution. Mrs. Tippens has a passion for teaching others to use technology and a particular interest in video production. She introduced a new pod-casting studio to the Madeira community in 2015. When she's not on campus, Ms. Tippens and her family live in Falls Church, VA and enjoy going to the theater, visiting museums, and experiencing all that the DC metro area has to offer.